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The problem of quality integrated development of territories is more acute than ever before for many developers in different countries. The solution came from the USSR, but has been modified to reflect modern realities. "The technology of construction from large-block materials allows architects to create ingenious architectural solutions," says Anastasia Shepel, Executive Director of the construction corporation.
For more than 10 years, the Corporation has been engaged in the implementation of mobile mobile demolition and production of indi- vidual houses in the markets of the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belarus for the integrated development of urban areas.
The Corporation has been engaged for 10 years in the markets of the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belarus. Since 1999 more than 10 million square meters of housing have been built in Moscow and 14 regions of Russia. Now the corporation enters the Turkish market with a proposal for a mobile DSC on the basis of cassette technology of forming reinforced concrete for apartment buildings (MFB), private houses (private housing), social facilities (pre-school, school, polyclinic).

The formation of any urban environment begins with the planning of the territory, which initially lays down the basic principles of human existence and the psychology of life human existence and psychology of life, where architectural features and technological capabilities of the developer are taken into account specialists 5. Noise specialists are guided by these principles when they develop the concept, planning and development projects, are engaged in territorial planning and functional zoning of territories, participate in the implementation of projects of transport and interchange hubs.

The company also owns patents for construction and production of large-panel houses of C220 and C222 series. These technologies have been known since Khrushchev's time. At one time, more than 800 house-building factories (HBC) were built in the country, the task of which was to quickly erect housing. The series were improved over time, new ones were created. Thus, in the walls of the design institute of the corporation.
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municipal and commercial housing. The first objects were residential buildings of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. This series is one of the last ones created in Russia. In it, the developers tried to minimize the consequences of the birth trauma of obsolete panel house construction, which is limited by the number of apartment layouts and building configurations. There are 47 registered variants of block-sections (simply put, entrances) in this series, which allows you to change the number and size of apartments on the floor in accordance with the wishes of the customer without lengthy approvals. Nota has patented hundreds of parts of the house and the entire structure.

Two years ago, the corporation introduced a new construction technology
- the C360 series. This is the construction of houses from prefabricated large-block products using lightweight concrete. It maximizes the speed, cost.
and labor reduction in the construction of any object. Innovativeness of solutions, unique nodes and connections of C360 system allow to perform assembly of reinforced concrete structures on steel connections, which is applicable also for areas with strong seismic activity.
Erection of any apartment building or cottage with technologies without wet processes takes from seven to 21 days for finishing! Interest in modular construction has increased not only in Russia, it is a global phenomenon. Recently the demand has increased noticeably in the USA, Asian countries, and in Great Britain. For example, the British authorities plan to build 75 thousand modular houses a year. The corporation is actively implementing all its developments in Turkey, where (as the recent earthquake showed) the outdated and unreliable frame technology of house building is used.

"Many people ask me: why do we need DSK in Turkey? The answer is simple: DSK is cheap, high-quality and fast. Concrete consumption is reduced by 30% and there are practically no labor-intensive and costly wet processes. Logistic costs are much lower,
it is possible to organize the installation of the house "from wheels". Designing from standard
Reinforced concrete products are faster and cheaper than individual projects. In addition, each product undergoes mandatory certification right at the DSK, in a special laboratory, which allows to minimize human error". Anastasia Shepel is confident that such a
The proposals have serious prospects. This was confirmed by numerous meetings in Istanbul, Ankara and Antalya. Representatives of the Turkish side are interested in solving the problems existing in their industry with the help of Russian technologies and global experience.

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