"Roscosmos pitches Signalny to developers

The owner of S. Holding Alexey Shepel, who worked until 2010 as an advisor to the then vice-mayor of Moscow Vladimir Resin, is negotiating the sale of 1.4 hectares in Signalniy proezd in the north of Moscow. But the businessman himself owns only a small part of the site, where it is possible to build a complex of apartments for 80 thousand square meters. meters. meters. The main owner of the site is the structure of Roscosmos, which is trying to get out of a non-core development project.
In the middle of April Moskomarkhitektura agreed an architectural and town-planning solution for construction of a hotel in Signalniy proezd, 12 in the north-east of Moscow. It is possible to build a complex of apartments with the area of about 80 thousand sq. m. on the plot. The object should become a part of the transportation and transfer hub "Vladykino".

The site in Signalniy proezd, 12 occupies 1.4 hectares. Its main part belongs to JSC "Corporation MIT" - a structure of "Roscosmos". But inside the site there is another small plot. According to two Kommersant interlocutors, this land is owned by the founder of S. Holding and a member of the board of directors of Mosproekt Alexei Shepel, who until 2010 was also an adviser to the then head of the capital's construction and vice-mayor of Moscow Vladimir Resin. It is S. Holding represents the interests of JSC "Corporation MIT" in the preparation and release of urban planning documentation, it follows from the power of attorney of the state corporation (a copy is available at "Kommersant").

According to Kommersant's interlocutors, Mr. Shepel has already negotiated with several developers, including ex-senator Vadim Moshkovich's Level Group. This information was confirmed by Level Group CEO Kirill Ignakhin, adding that the parties have not agreed on terms. "That's why there is a pause in negotiations," he said. Alexei Shepel refused to comment, referring to commercial secrecy. In "Roscosmos" did not respond to the request of "Kommersant".

According to Kommersant's interlocutors, the difficulty of selling the site is procedural in nature. Since the main owner of the project in Signalno
One of Kommersant's interlocutors warns that in the case of the site of MIT Corporation JSC there may be difficulties: there are no guarantees that no other company will bid.
But it is possible to set such requirements that the winner will be the company that was involved in obtaining the permits, i.e., the structure of S. Holding. Holding, says another Kommersant source. Victoria Petrova, Deputy Director of the Financial Markets and Investments Department at Knight Frank, notes that state companies that want to sell non-core assets often go to the auction having offers from specific interested parties.

Vladimir Sergunin, a partner of Colliers International, estimates that the proceeds from the sale of apartments in Signalniy Proezd may amount to about 10 bln rubles. Accordingly, S. Holding can earn about 1 billion rubles from 10% of the premises. According to him, together with 700 million rubles, which the investor will have to pay at the auction, this will be quite the market value of the site. The consultant estimates the construction costs at 4-5 billion rubles. Knight Frank notes that from the point of view of housing Signalny Proyezd is not an easy site. There are transportation infrastructure facilities, an electric substation and other industrial zones around it. In this case, the size of the site is not so large to place there a full-fledged complex project, which will be able to level the shortcomings of the environment at the expense of its own territory. In addition, the future project will have high competition: on the primary market there is already sold housing in five objects of comfort class.

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